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group classes and private lessons

Group Classes
Swimming class


Water aerobics

Exercising in the water is a fun and safe way to get a great workout.  What’s more, just about anyone can participate.  Youth and adults of all ages and sizes can benefit because of the waters properties, which create 12 times more resistance than land-based exercises.  This feature allows participants to work both muscle groups at the same time.

Ali’s classes are designed for an aerobic workout with strength  and resistance training.  Your time in the pool will be spent playing hard and working even harder to reach your individual goals.  And while your heart rate does not increase as much as  in land-based exercises due to the hydrostatic pressure of the water.  You are still able to reach that out of breath response while working out.



This is great for all fitness levels.  Held in 3 1/2 to 4 feet of water, this one-hour class emphasis total body toning and cardiovascular conditioning, through a series of water resistant exercises.  Because this is a low impact workout with some walking, jogging, and jumping, Ali suggest wearing water shoes for foot protection and added resistance to the workout.


Good for those who want a non-impact resistance workout.  This one-hour class is held in the deep water of the pool, and is a well rounded workout for cardio endurance, and a substantial challenge for the core muscles without impact stress to the joints.

Buoyancy belts are worn in order to give safe support while moving freely in the water.  Your body remains at shoulder depth at all times, so you can enjoy exercising to the music.  All equipment is provided by Ali, like hand buoys, noodles, frisbees, and much more to create a challenging and fun workout.

AQua stand up

This 45 minute class is designed to improve your balance, flexibility, stabilize your core and increase cardiovascular endurance.  You burn nearly 650 calories during class.

A variety of fitness technics are featured, like Pilates combinations, Yoga postures, and HIIT ( high intensity interval training).  Choreographed to music, your entire body gets a workout.  The instability of the board on the water challenges each move you make.

For first time students, Ali recommends arriving on time for proper instructions for board safety.

Schedule and Prices




Group Classes are hosted at The Culver City Municipal Plunge.

4175 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA  90230.

All classes are 50 Minutes 

DAY               CLASS                TIME

Monday         Shallow Water     10:00am                  Pre-registration is required

                       Deep Water         7:00pm                   for all classes at

                                                                                     Every Monday and Tuesday at

                                                                                     7am registration is open for 

Wednesday   Shallow Water    10:00am                   Culver City residents

                       Aqua Stand Up   11:00am                   (90230,90231,90232,90233)

                       Deep Water         7:00pm                    On Wednesday's Non-residents

                                                                                     All classes begin on 4/15/24

Saturday        Deep Water        9:00am

                      Shallow Water     10:00am

                      Stand Up Paddle 11:00pm

Private Classes

PRIvate classes and lessons

Aly conducts group and individual workouts and swim lessons at The Culver City Plunge upon request. She also provides workout or swim lessons at the privacy of your own pool.  A one time travel fee of $40 will be applied. Contact Aly to schedule.  The 2023 season will begin in April.



Type of Class           Number of Sessions/Length              Cost

Water Aerobics       5 Sessions, 1Hour, 2-5 People            $480

Swim Lessons          5 Sessions, 45 Minutes, 2-5 People    $400


Triathlete*               4 Sessions, 30 Minutes, 2 People        $325


Lap Swimmer          3 Sessions, 45 Minutes, 2-3 People     $315

*Includes three pool workouts and a ocean swim

~Group swim lessons age 5 and up

Lesson days and time are Tue./Thurs. at 6pm

Private lessons

Type of Class            Number of Sessions/Length               Cost

Water Aerobics        5 Sessions, 1 Hour                                $550

Swim Lessons           5 Sessions, 45 Minutes                         $450

                                  5 Sessions, 30 Minutes                         $400


Triathlete*                4 Sessions, 30 Minutes                         $350


Lap Swimmer          4 Sessions, 45 Minutes                         $340

*Includes three pool workouts  and a ocean swim

~Swim lessons age 5 and up

Lesson days and time are Tue./Thurs. at 6pm

For the beginner lap swimmer, Aly will review your stroke, teach you some technics to gain strength and provide you with mini workouts that you can do on your own.


For the beginner triathlete, emphasis will be on stroke technique, proper entire and exit of the water, and other pointers to help make your race more rewarding. 




Water aerobics for all fitness levels


Aly began her lifelong love for swimming at age 5. 


Growing up, she was a competitive swimmer  all through high school and college.  In her youth, Aly was a Los Angeles City Pool Life Guard with the Department of Parks and Recreation. While in College  she spent her summers working as a Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors Life Guard. Quite an honor, considering the rigorous physical and mental requirements that must be met even to be considered for this coveted position. At the time, she was one of just a few women, and the first African-American woman, to earn this distinction.

For 24 years, Aly has been a water aerobics instructor. She is Aquatics Exercise Association (AEA) Certified and renews her certification on a regular basis. To keep her skills current and aquatic exercise programs exciting, Ali attends the International Aquatics Conference (IAFC), a week-long intensive training, held annually in Florida. She also holds certifications for both First Aid and CPR/AED.


Most evenings and Saturdays, you will find Ali at the Culver City Plunge, an outdoor Olympic-sized pool designed for exercise, lap swimming, recreational family fun and much more. She teaches shallow and deep water along with Aqua Stand Up paddle board classes. Her programs offer core exercise combined with great music and fun. 


In her spare time, Aly is a long time member of an informal ocean swimming group that gathers regularly at Manhattan Beach for an invigorating swim which ends around the pier.

By example, Aly' life mission and passion is to inspire and help people meet their own physical fitness goals.



310-621-4981 cell

310 253-6680 pool

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